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a mindful consumption movement

Imagine the impact of dedicating a day to choose less...of everything.

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It's only impossible if you believe it is

Fact: Since the Paris Climate Accords...


Better fact: In just 5 years movements such as Meatless Monday were able to reduce XYZ.


Mindful consumption works, but it only works if we do it together. Isolated effort keeps us divided and mute and makes change slow coming. Weekly coordinated action is our chance to send a clear message to governments and corporations with the power to effect change on a mass scale.

Calling all consumers

Inspired by the success of Meatless Monday, MoreLess Tuesday is a collaborative effort that includes organizations, businesses, and influential figures who help spread our important message. At the end of the rainbow is OuiChoose, a team of content creators who produce the weekly infographics for the MoreLess Tuesday campaigns, and the authors of the The Big PickSure Book: A Tale of Conscious Consumption for Kids.

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