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Imagine the impact of one day a week when we all use less...of everything.

A day when we only buy what we need, shopping local and small to send a loud wakeup call to those in power who continue to place profits over the planet:

stop promoting mindless consumption. 



more being, less buying

On Wednesday we say no to:

Plastic Straws


—  Name, Title


It's only impossible if you believe it is

Fact: Since the 1970s, 50% of the world's biodiversity has been lost. *That's half of the millions of life forms that took billions of years to develop -- in less than 50 years, much of it due to human activity. Better fact: In just five years, movements such as Meatless Monday have been able to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions equivalent to those produced by driving1.4 billion miles through a single campaign in 263 North American school districts.

Mindful consumption works, but only if we do it together. While it's important for each of us to own up to the impact of our choices, when it comes to environmental issues such as reducing CO2, waste management, or conservation ---- individual guilt and  isolated effort keep us divided and mute. Even worse, they deflect responsibility from those who actually have the ability to successfully solve these man-made problems: corporations and governments. Weekly coordinated action is an effective way to send a clear message on a mass scale by leveraging economic pressure: it's time to deliver real solutions.

Calling all consumers

join our movement in the making


Mindful Tuesday is a collaboration of progressive organizations, businesses, and influencers who help broadcast the message of mindful consumption. At the end of the rainbow is OuiChoose, a team of content creators who produce the iconic infographics for the Mindful Tuesday campaigns, and the authors of the The Big PickSure Book: A Tale of Conscious Consumption for Kids

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Mindful Tuesday launches on April 23, 2019

just after Earth Day!

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