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Hi! We’re Yael and Inbar, co-creators of OuiChoose :)

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

OuiChoose is a creative studio that designs materials to help parents in the real daily struggle to navigate our culture of waste so we can clear the clutter, enjoy life more, and junk up the planet less.

Our virtual doors opened in late 2016, and a lot has happened in that short time. We debuted The Big PickSure Book: A Tale of Conscious Consumption for Kids. It got high fives from the Vatican and the offices of the Dalai Lama, as well as a few other notable mentions. You can read more about it here.

We also launched this lifestyle blog, which addresses our relationship with consumerism through a kaleidoscope of curated and accessible angles, from practical advice to personal reflection.

It might not seem like a lot, but in the middle we had back to back babies and got diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks after launching. (We believe these experiences have provided us with great writing material for the blog and have helped us in our honest, exposed attempt to keep things real. Hopefully you’ll find some gold in here, too.)

As for some of the technicalities: I cover most of the written material and Yael designs the website and physical things we produce like the picture book (and more nice things to come). We aim to post new articles once or twice a week, and other than that we may send you some promotional offers from time to time. If we recommend any products it’s because we really think they’re great. The book is our main source of income, we don’t use affiliate links for the products we share with you.

Here’s what you can expect to read here:

PARENTING: ideas and inspiration for raising conscious little consumers in the 21st century

FOOD: simple, plant-based recipes that you’ll want to make over and over again

HOME: minimalism, decluttering, green cleaning and experiments in zero waste living

WELLNESS: adapted advice from great minds on the balance between doing and being

BEAUTY: false claims, safe ingredients, DIY recipes, and natural style files

OUI LOVE: people, brands, and organizations changing the game in sustainability

A word of caution: we have opinions and we’re not afraid to use them - though we do try our best to keep the tone as inclusive as possible. It’s all in the name of taming this hyperrealistic beast we call modern life.

Thanks for finding your way here...

Yael & Inbar


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