We're all connected
by what we choose
to use.

ONCE UPON A TIME when we were single-digit years old,

Mid '80s, America, advertising was bold.

We’d been sold a dream - "Be all you can be!"

Don’t be just anything and don’t ever just be...


EVERY DAY we chased bright dangling carrots, 

Turned glittering corners to a life full of merits.

So what if the sidewalk was rocky and rough?

That's the price that you pay to feel you’re enough!


AS A RESULT, dissatisfaction: chronic and low-grade.

How many corners were there until we had it made?

How many more baubles and bangles and shoes?

They were fair trade and foo foo but we couldn't shake the blues.

ONE DAY in our 30s, after more failing and more trying,

We woke up just knowing someone had been lying. 

They'd sold us a pipe dream, and it stank - rank and funky!

Would our kids be the next-gen Perfection Junkies?


BECAUSE OF THAT we rolled to a stop. (Drops the mic).

From here on walk barefoot, no Just Do It, no Nike.

Choose to be imperfectly perfect, the rest is just gravy.

That's the real choice to be made, not fuchsia pink or navy.

BECAUSE OF THAT our next round of struggle was easy. 

One of us sailed through another pregnancy.

The other walked upright when the diagnosis was cancer.

We knew pursuing perfection could not be the answer.


UNTIL FINALLY, we launched this small creative house.

Our mascot: a bright-eyed, 3-legged mensch of a mouse!

With a mission to free kids from mindless consumption.

And not disconnect from self worth and compassion...

Rhymed verse not your thing? that's cool. Read on...

If you’re like us, you’re tired of hearing how humans keep junking up the planet and you'd rather focus on what we can do to make a difference. 

We believe it starts with educating kids. And we don't just mean by recycling toilet paper rolls into crappy art projects.


We produced The Big PickSure Book and (coming soon!) the OuiChoose blog to realign with the natural cycle of life from which we ironically disconnect in our hyper-connected reality. Like where things come from, where they go when we longer need them, and who they affect along the way - including ourselves and our children.

While we’re not experts on the topics we cover, we are expert curators. That means we do the digging for you and deliver daily insights and inspiration in emails you won't want to delete.


  • Tips for living sustainably with kids (that you can actually sustain)

  • Big picture insights you can explain to kids - even a 4-year-old will understand 

  • Informed opinions to spread fruitful debate

  • Eco products for kids (and grown-ups!) you'll LOVE to choose and use

  • News about current solutions that'll make you feel better about the next 50 years - not worse

You'll learn the best ways to go beyond limited individual effort, because the only way this'll work is if we do it together. ​

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The OuiChoose team lives and works in Bat Galim, an urban coastal community located in Northern Israel.

​Inbar Hyams, Co-Creator: Author, Blogger, Content Strategist and radical decluttering warrior...(though she comes in peace).

​Yael Nahum, Co-Creator:  Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, and Cradle to Cradle enthusiast. Watch out for her sharp eye and sharper tongue.

Amanda Benjamin

Editor & Illustrator

Tamar Greengrass

Research Consultant

& House Model ;)

Eyal Greengrass

Post Production

Ben Dor

Video Animator

Ida Vash

Product Consultant