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The Big PickSure Book: A Tale of Conscious Consumption for Kids

A good story can clean up the planet



Ideas on going from A to Zero Waste

OUI! You did it.


more being, less buying

From a young age, kids are taught to consume in a way that disconnects them from nature, animals, other cultures, and even themselves. The Big PickSure Book asks big-picture questions that help kids zoom out from all the 'more' messages to which they're constantly exposed. They learn to follow their natural sense of self-worth, curiosity, and compassion to make better choices as they grow up in the era of excess.

 dang good data

The story is complemented by a series of infographics that help kids connect the dots as to where things come from, where they go and why it matters.

Bojo Bandango, The Big PickSure Book

DANG good story

The Big PickSure Book tells the story of Bojo Bandango, a radical rodent on a mission to understand how we’re all connected by the things we choose to use...

Bojo Bandango, The Big PickSure Book

dang good DESIGN

 Independently published to meet the highest standards: 

 Certified recycled paper

Non-toxic inks

Minimal packaging

Local printing 

Bojo Bandango, The Big PickSure Book

"If we don't understand the impact of our choices, how can we align them with our values?"

How to Read this book

These 6 questions are at the heart of The Big Picksure Book. In the first half we use them to tell a story, and in the second half they bring that story to life with real world examples told as eye-opening infographics. Follow the colors in the story to see how they connect.


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Because the fairy tale we're telling kids about saving the planet needs to get real.

Educating our kids about the importance of preserving our planet’s natural resources is never far from my mind, but finding books that strike the right tone for little ears can be a challenge. Enter The Big PickSure Book: a blend of wisdom and joy for a lighthearted, rhythmic (oh-so-empowering!) read. In a season that tends to tilt toward “more,” The Big PickSure Book offers a healthy dose of mindfulness for the holidays and beyond. Highly recommend!

Erin Loechner,


(Design for Mankind)

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