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If Meatless Monday could achieve XXX, imagine the impact of dedicating

a day a week when we all choose less... of everything.

 zero waste 



oui say no to junk

On Wednesday we say no to:

Plastic Straws


—  Name, Title


More Being, Less Buying

Creating zero waste starts with mindful consumption.

Modern consumer culture promotes false myths that encourage us to buy and use endlessly. It tells us that success comes by comparing ourselves to others, that we're not good enough as we are, that satisfaction can be bought. 

Apart from making us unhappy and creating a wealth gap among the world's people, these false beliefs and the mindless behaviors they perpetruate are destroying our planet.  

Fact: Since the 1970s, 50% of the world's biodiversity has been lost. *That's half of the millions of life forms that took billions of years to develop -- in less than 50 years, much of it due to human activity. Better fact: In just 5 years movements such as Meatless Monday have been able to reduce XYZ.

Mindful consumption works, but it only works if we do it together. Isolated effort keeps us divided and mute and makes change slow coming. Weekly coordinated action leverages cognitive biases such as 'group think' to motivate people to take action. It also sends a clear message to governments and corporations with the power to effect change on a mass scale by placing economic pressure to provide solutions.

Imagine the impact of a day a week where we all choose less, X less, Y less, Z less. It's only impossible if you believe it is.

Calling all consumers

Join our movement in the making

Inspired by the success of Meatless Monday, MoreLess Tuesday is a collaborative effort that includes organizations, businesses, and influential figures who help spread our important message. At the end of the rainbow is OuiChoose, a team of content creators who produce the weekly infographics for the MoreLess Tuesday campaigns, and the authors of the The Big PickSure Book: A Tale of Conscious Consumption for Kids.

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